The Sunday Crew – by Matt Timm’s

It’s Sunday again so a crewin’ we are

But where are we going is it near… is it far?

The horses are flighty, the rider is stressed

Is this really the way to spend God’s day of rest

The truck is full up with horse food and drinks

There are blankets and bottles and three kitchen sinks

The dog is excited, for she’s part of the team

Running and chasing and letting off steam

Then Rachael pipes up ”Hey where are my crew?”

Adam’s made coffee, Jane’s shovelling poo

Poor Jane and poor Adam he’s doing his best

He can’t tow the horse box, he’s not passed the test

He’s fuelled the truck, Jane’s looked at the maps

Adam’s made lunch, some ham salad wraps

There’s scotch eggs and pork pie the coffee is hot

He was gonna put beer in but thought… better not

But still things aren’t right, oh NOW what can be wrong?

It’s Charlie, he’s crapped in his box, what a pong

The journeys are endless, to get to events

I’ve stayed in bed this time, I’ve got more sense

I’ll get the report from Jane Monday Morn

When she comes into work with a bruise and a yawn

How did it go I will ask… was it fun?

Just make me a coffee and buy me a bun

Yes it was great, but we were so stressed

That we’ve come back to work for a jolly good rest

– End –