Crabbet Arabians

History of the Crabbet Arabian: The Crabbet Arabian Stud, also known as the Crabbet Park Stud, was a horse breeding farm established on 2 July 1878 when the first Arabian horses brought to England by Wilfrid Scawen Blunt and Lady Anne Blunt arrived at Crabbet Park, their estate in Sussex. Six months earlier, while staying in Aleppo, Wilfrid and Lady Anne had made a plan to import some of the best Arabian horses to England and breed them there. In Lady Anne’s words, “it would be an interesting and useful thing to do and I should like much to try it.”

Crabbet Organisation UK: The Crabbet Organisation aims to promote and support the Arabian horses descended from the breeding programme at the Crabbet Arabian Stud, founded in the 1870s by Lady Anne and Wilfrid Scawen Blunt.  We support events and awards for these authentic descendants of bedouin war horses that prove again and again their versatility, nobility and talent.

Phoenix Field Arabians @ the Crabbet Convention 2013: 100% Crabbet Stallion – Silver Zenif partook in the ‘Hanif Family Group’ a DVD is currently on sale following this event